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Set your purpose!
From occupation to passion!

Balancing heart and mind is an art form! In the age of the heart, clear life purpose is crucial for our happiness, vitality and self esteem.
If you find yourself:

Tired of not knowing what your greater purpose is, Holding on to your venture or job, hoping that something better will show up, Knowing you are more then your title! Then this program is for you!
In this 90 day process you will gain direct access to your core purpose, with a clear vision for your life's work, so you can attract the right resources and cliental into your life.

Your action plan - 6 Modules Structure::

1. Harnessing your creative Fire
Crystallizing areas of passion and desire.
How one's passion will make a difference in the world?
You’re own Compelling Vision and story; Your values and desires. (Templates)

2. Removing obstacles (Metal)
Looking at areas of strength and challenge – Identifying Limiting patterns and beliefs (karmic lineage), changing daily routine and practices. Defining experiences, which support one's vision.

3. Grounding areas of passion and vision (earth)
Identifying parameters for fulfillment and satisfaction - Your Ideal supporters and community, whom will be an integrated force in matching your highest good on your path; How one's passion will make a difference in the world?. (Templates)

4. Servicing others - Identifying areas of offerings (Water)
Making powerful choices - going deeper into your full spectrum and capacity, while creating strategies and accountabilities to forward your passion and business through service.

5. Creating an action plan based on your conditions for satisfaction - looking at whom you may need in your team to fulfill your mission (wood).

6. Choosing Powerfully - defining seven practical steps for the upcoming months in the area of service, affiliates (relationships), and market of expression in the area of communication - in order to fulfill a destiny that wasn't foreseen before (Ether).

The program contains a weekly structure and specific process to reach your purpose and goals. We will work through action steps, supported by practices that are designed to connect your heart's intelligence to practical engagement with your vision and work/life responsibilities, leading to inviting the resources and people you need to engage with.

To schedule a free 20 minutes sample session - 415 846 3250 or send me an e mail at akivasn@gmail.com

Ready to move Life Forward!
90 day, 6 Modules, Breakthrough Process (12 week coaching) $1230 (payment option is available)
Or a personal life review Numeric Session $150
To Inquire or schedule a 20 min sample session (for the 90 day coaching program) appointment - 415 846 3250 or akivasn@gmail.com

Life Purpose/Transformation process (90 day coaching and Individual sessions)

Couples and Partnership compatibility!

  • Identifying personal primary qualities and challenges
  • Compatibility assessment
  • Providing guidelines for successful dynamics
Partnership Compatibility
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