3/24/014 THE Kabbalah of Prosperity - First Module - Purpose - moving beyond your Karmic imprint!
Cosmic forecast for the upcoming Year!

Monday 3/24 Time: 7- 9pm
This two-hour workshop will give you the-know-how, to identify what limits you and what actions you need to take to cultivate a clear purpose; moving beyond self imposed limitations, and Karmic blue print.
Where: dhyana center, Ste 250,186 North Main Street, Sebastopol, CA

PART of a THREE module process - the art of prosperity, providing physical and meditative tools to bring new reality into existence:

3/24 Kabbalah of Purpose 7-9pm – Expending your effectiveness - moving beyond your karmic imprint

3/31 Alchemy of Relationships 7-9pm – The laws of attraction

4/10 The Spirit of Money 7-9pm – Creating a favorable destiny in finances
Location: at the dhyana center Sebastopol California

PRE Registration: $45 for all three classes; Individual modules $25/per class for the public; 50% off for members. To register in advance call the dhyana center 707 823 8818

WEEKLY CLASS SCHEDULE - The Practice of Spirit in Action
MONDAYS SHAKTI NAAM (Dhyana Center Sebastopol) 9am-10am
WEDNESDAYS SHAKTI NAAM YOGA 6pm-7:30pm Location: (Dhyana Center Sebastopol) Clearing karmic imprints, infusing vitality and youthfulness. Re set your physical, emotional and spiritual system to a vital state, with movement, breath work and sound.

Thursdays Numeric Readings at the dhyana center, Sebastopol
a 30 minutes numeric readings (special rate for the center - $48) 4:30pm-7:30pm. 15 minute readings (Suggested donation $20) a Numeric reading brings into light the patterns we operate by. your source of power, challenge and opportunity, Creating a road map for the upcoming months. dhyana Center,186 N. Main St., Sebastopol, 707 823 8818

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